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Grass Fed Beef

Raised on Oklahoma grass, and then finished with a proprietary grain mix to produce the marbling that gives it the juiciness, tenderness & flavor you expect from a gourmet steak.

Bred for Flavor and Health

Limousin cattle have a natural genetic ability to trim the fat, yet provide full flavor beef. Health conscious consumers can "Lean on Limousin" to produce a genetically lean heart smart meat.

Antibiotic & Steroid Free

Stoner Farms All Natural Beef does not use antibiotics, steroids or growth hormone of any kind during the life cycle of the animal. Assuring you taste the natural beef flavor as Nature intended.

Grass Fed Beef Oklahoma

Stoner Farms is a family farm committed to providing safe, high quality beef to your family. We market a number of custom fed beef animals every year, which are developed on a grass based diet.

The majority of our cow herd is crossbred to emphasize the quality traits in each breed.  We use Angus for their maternal abilities and marbling characteristics along with Limousin and Charolais for their lean heavy muscle and tremendous carcass traits.

We have spring and fall calving herds and normally have custom beef ready to harvest year around.  Check out the Buy Natural Beef tab for ordering details and availability.