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Our Farm History and Practices

Stoner Farms has been raising beef cattle for over ffive generations in NE Oklahoma. Oscar Stoner began raising cattle in NE Oklahoma in late 1800's.  Farming was a way of life that sustained the family and the land.  His son's Cletus Stoner continued the tradition of cattle ranching, farming and his family in that tradition.  

Bill Stoner went to school as an architect, and worked at a large mechanical systems producer.  After that he Miami Stone for many years, while he continued to ranch.  During that time he grew the ranch to thousands of acres and can sustain a herd of xxx cattle.  He has been a award winning breeder of limousine cattle and has cross bred his herd for flavour and leaness, winning him contracts with elite beef resellers.  

Bill's sons continue the family tradition, each following their own inclinations.  Randy is actively working on the ranch and tending to the land and the cattle.  Convinced by his IT son James, Stoner Farms made the move to provide beef purchase online.  

The world & technology has changed dramatically over those generations, but what hasn't changed at Stoner Farms is the commitment to integrity & the highest standards in quality and taste.

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Faith is at the base of all we do

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Family values run 5 generations deep

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Community and friends support each other

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Frequently asked questions

Q:  Is buying a side of beef worth it? 

Q:  How much freezer space is needed?

  • A quarter beef will normally fit in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty
  • A whole beef needs 16 cubic feet of freezer space
  • 1 cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 35 lbs of meat
  • Many people buy quarters & sides and split with friends

Q:  How much meat will my family need?

  • Most families of four will be content for a year with 1 whole beef.
  • Our beef is shrink wrap & vacuum sealed & will keep well for over a year in a good, cold freezer.

Grass Fed Beef Oklahoma

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A Grass Fed Cow Calf Operation in Oklahoma

We take pride in having cross bred a herd for lean meat, heart health that has a flavor that you can't beat.